DenaliC. Tanya
"You're a thousand times lovelier then the stars, Tanya. of course you are already aware of that."

-Edward Cullen to Tanya.

Tanya is a vampire and was made the leader of the Denali Coven after her mothers death. Like the Cullen family Tanya and her Coven also live a "vegetarian" lifestyle, feeding on wild animal blood rather then human blood.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tanya is described as having long, curly, strawberry blonde hair, While her age (when turned) is unclear she is typically described as being a "women." This suggests that she is probably a little bit older then the Cullen family, "children" (Edward, Emmett, Jasper , Alice , Rosalie and Bella) who range in age 17 to 20 (Edward and Emmett respectively). Tanya os described as beautiful and irresistible to men (the sisters being the original truth behind the legends of the succubus, a female sprit that preys on men).

Personality and TraitsEdit

Like other vampires, Tanya has superhuman speed, superior strength, grace and heightened senses. She is described as playful, serious, loyal and insightful. During Edwards stay with the Denali clan, Tanya attempted to flirt with him while he was lying in the snow, however he rejected her overtures. In addition, Tanya continues to be affectionate with Edward even after he is married to Bella. She is also very welcoming of Bella when she joins the family. Even so, Tanya's deepest connection (besides her sisters) is to Carlisle: as she often refers to herself and the Denali clan Carlisle's extended family (mostly known as "cousins").


"Do you really doubt me that much, sister?

-Kate to Tanya.

Kate is Tanya's younger sister, she is the only one of the three sisters that have a gift. They, along with Irina where turned around the same time, and have been close sisters ever since. Once Kate had joined Tanya and Sasha they became very close and spent a lot od time together.