"They have a name for someone who smells the way Bella does to me. They call her my 'singer'— because her blood sings for me."
Edward Cullen[src]

La tua cantante is the Italian expression for a human whose blood particularly appeals to a certain vampire in an extreme sense. In English, it means "your singer", but is usually shortened to "singer" whenever someone in the series refers to her/him. Edward's singer is Bella (before she became a vampire) and Emmett once had two. Alice was James' singer before she was turned into a vampire. When Alice is turned, James is furious that he never has a chance to taste her blood. The blood of singers is described by Edward as being said vampire's "own personal brand of heroin". No one else is mentioned as being or having a singer. Aro was the first to refer to the term, and it was the first time any of the Cullens, besides Edward, had heard the term.