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June 15, 2006

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Seattle newborn army ♰

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Seattle newborn army

Kristie was a newborn vampire and one of the group leaders from Victoria's army. She died during the battle between the Cullens and the Seattle newborn army.

The Short Second Life of Bree TannerEdit

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Kristie was known to have her own "small coven" inside the Seattle newborn army, similar to Raoul's. The two however were openly hostile towards each other and were overall enemies. Bree said, "If you're with Raoul then Kristie is the enemy and if you're with Kristie then Raoul is the enemy". This was, however, put to an end when Riley forced all of the newborns to work together to fight the Cullens.

After Victoria learned that she had only five days to make her decision, Riley returned to the basement and began telling the newborn army of their enemies, the yellow-eyes, and how they would defeat them. But first he said they needed two leaders to lead them. He called Kristie forward to be one of the two leaders for the newborn army, but she had just witnessed Riley ripping Kevin's arm off and feared to approach. He then tried to use the same manipulation he used on Raoul and called Jen forward instead, stating that she would be leading. This prompted Kristie to push Jen back and take her rightful place at Riley's side as one of the leaders.

Kristie and her gang also were very reluctant to go into the sun, which they had previously believed would burn them to crisps, when Riley told everyone they could for the supposedly special four days a year.

Kristie and her group split up from the rest to surprise the Cullens, but they were killed by the "howling vampires" (the shape-shifters).


Kristie can be described as being selfish, self-absorbed, hateful, and a bully. Her selfishness is demonstrated when Riley was telling the newborns about the four days of sun story, after he had gone into the sunlight. The basement was then filled with light, and Kristie used her gang to shield her from the sunlight. She often acts as if she is superior to others. Kristie is similar ro Raoul in these aspects. However, the difference between the two is quite distinct. Raoul uses his gift to get followers. Kristie doesn't have a gift, but she is better able to manipulate. She is also smart, a trait that Raoul seems to lack.