England is the country in the Twilight Saga where Carlisle Cullen, Alistair, Victoria, Anne, Jane, and Alec are from.


Carlisle grew up in England in the 1600s, and to him it was an old and dirty place. His father, an intolerant Anglican pastor, was fanatical about persecuting witches, vampires, and werewolves, and when he grew too old to lead these hunts himself charged Carlisle, his only son, with continuing his work. Carlisle found a group of real vampire living in the sewers in London and assembled an angry mob to drive them out. This was the last of his human experiences as one of vampires bit Carlisle, who managed to crawl away and hide in a cellar during his three-day transformation. He then remained hidden, and tried many times to kill himself, but all times being unsuccessful.

Alistair is a misanthropic and rather gloomy English nomad gifted with tracking. He is an old friend of Carlisle's, and agrees to act as a witness for Renesmee, but flees, fearing the Volturi's wrath.


England lies off the coast of western Europe. It is part of the United Kingdom along with Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The capital city is London.