is the wife of caius and a member of the volturi family. She lives in the Volterra in Italy and rarely leaves the time even in the important time's in vampire history. She is very close to Suplica Aro's wife Suplica is Athenodora company in the tower.

She and Caius have been together for a long time it is not known how they met or where, and it seems that they where together before they both joined the volturi. They have a very strong relationship and never leave Italy without each other they have a great bond and have been married for sometime now.Edit


Physical Appearance Edit

"The beautiful blonde? The love of my life?"

-Caius Volturi

Athenodora has beautiful, curly blonde hair with light brown highlights and the end of the hair length. Her eyes of a ruby red color they glow like red beams and are most beautiful. She has pale marble skin that glimmers in the light. Her lips are a light transparent pink that are not as dark as Caius's.

Athenodora is described as bright and more nicer then Caius ans is a expensive shopper like Alice and Rosalie shopping at large mals in Italy she wear's a lot of rings, earrings and necklace's.


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Cauis's is Athenodora's husband they have a very close bond although it is not known how they mated when they mated and when. Caius's is a (Co-King) of the volturi making Athenodora the (Co-Queen)