"They send you out for one and you come back with two and a half such a clever girl"

-Alec to Jane .

Alec is a vampire,and a member of the volturi guard,serving as one of the highest ranked guards.He has a twin sister named Jane,and is also a sadist,but barely shows it due to his quite nature

Jane and Alec are the Volturi's most offensive weapons, as they both hold ablitties to compleatly take down a opponent, regardless of the size.This gained him and his sister Jane the name "witch twins" Alec has a power simlier to Jane's:however he can cut of a person's sences compleatly so they feel nothing.The Volturi use him especially if they want to execute some one without complication.They also use him if there is a Coven to big for the to handle whlile Jane is useful in making the people fear them.

Discription and Personality Edit

Volturi Alec
"The boy in the pearl grey suit could have been Jane's twin.His hair was darker, and his lips were not as full but he was just a lovely"

-Bella on seeing Alec for the first time.

Alec is physically decribed as looking very simlier to his sister Jane just with darker hair.He is taller in stature and his lips aren't as full as her's Alec is also described a being beautiful like Jane .

(Personality) Alec is more lively compared to Jane he is sent to go on the most violet missions he is less self intresed and ruthless like Jane, he is much more calmer then his twin sister Jane Volturi .He is much more nicer then Jane and is proven to be more understanding then his sister. He can be considered the "sane" other half of Jane, looking at him at the Volturi standers.He shows no remorse in taking anyone's life or carring out the Volturi's frequently violet missions. There's a quite confidence about him, that is given his readiness to kill. For instants he leaves when he see's that Renesmee is no problem in Breaking Dawn .




Jane is Alec's older twin sister and they have a very close relationship known to protect each other and calm, each other down due to tantrums and mad fits.They are both inportant members of the Volturi due to their strong and protective powers. Out of Alec and Jane , Jane is the un calm one she loses her temper quite quickly and gets mad other the littlest things like her power being useless against Bella.